About Namiba

The place of dry water

This 22 270 square km’s National Park is not only one of Africa’s largest, but certainly one of the most unique. The centre of the National Park is covered by the great salt flats of Etosha Pan, covering around 5000 square km’s. The Pan together with open plains and dense bush create a habitat for a great diversity in flora and fauna, including White and Black Rhino, Cheetah, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe and a number of other small predators and plains game.

For packaging purposes, Etosha can be divided into three sections.

Etosha East which includes Mushara Lodge, Mushara Outpost, Onguma Plains and Onguma Tented Camp.

Etosha South which includes Taleni Etosha Village, Andersson’s Camp and Ongava Lodge & Tented Camp.
Both of these areas can be accessed by 2 x 4 vehicle and also have the option of flying in using either scheduled or chartered air transfers.

Namibia’s open-air art gallery,

Home to some of the world’s most impressive natural rock phenomena, rock art, as well as the elusive and but unique Desert Elephant.
Damaraland has some of the oldest natural attractions in the country: Petrified Forest, where a cataclysmic event millions of years ago deposited giant tree trunks which have subsequently turned to stone; Burt Mountain, a panorama of desolation with coloured rocks contrasting vividly against the grey-black background; Organ Pipes, a mass of basalt slabs in a ravine gouged out by a river; The famous Welwitschia mirabilis plant which grows in the area and are on average 500-600 years old! Damaraland is nature’s history museum.

The adventure centre

Wedged between the ancient Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean lies Namibia’s premier seaside resort town and adventure centre.

The palm-lined beachfront and quaint German architecture are in complete contrast to the desolation of the Dunes in Swakopmund’s back yard. Founded in 1892 during the period of German Colonial rule, it served as the territory’s main harbour for many years.

Swakopmund has a wide choice of hotels, restaurants and coffee shops selling traditional German cakes and pastries. The old South African territory of Walvis Bay is a mere 30 kms away.
Quad biking and Sandboarding in the dunes is the most popular pastime, while for the more tranquil at heart a Dolphin & Seal cruise in Walvis Bay is a must.

Accommodation is available at Brigadoon Cottages, Atlantic Villas and The Swakopmund Hotel, to name a few.

The worlds highest dunes

The Namib Naukluft Park is one of Africa’s oldest and certainly one of the most spectacular National Parks on the continent. A combination of the rocky Naukluft Mountains and wide open plains that gives rise the huge towering red dunes that reach more than 1000 feet, astound the visitor with the stark beauty and makes Sossusvlei one of Africa’s most photographed destinations.

The “vlei” itself is a clay pan surrounded by these dunes and on rare occasions following heavy rainfall, the floodwaters find their way to the pan to create a large body of water surrounded by extreme desolation. Most of the time the pan remains dry and is riddled with maze-like cracks caused by the baking sun.

Most of the lodges in this area are set on the plains between the Naukluft Mountains and the dunes. When selecting your lodge please take into consideration that none of them are actually right among the dunes. Kulala Desert Lodge is the closest with spectacular views, while the rest of the lodges are within a short drive. This allows for diversity in activities ranging from walking trails through the mountains, to exploring and climbing the “red giants”.










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